The Ways We See Them Booklet Page 24 : Preparing the Section Task Preparing information for an animal database Use this page to help you prepare your section task . 1 . Make a listof five adjectives that describe how people in your culture see your animal . Use the list of adjectives on booklet page 17 to help you . 2 . Find an example that explains why people see your animal in this way . This can be a popular story , proverb , fable or legend . 3 . Complete the following paragraph to explain why people in your culture see your animal in this way . In my culture , people think that the is In my culture , we have a story / fable / legend / proverb that shows this . In 2 or 3 sentences , explain how it shows your animal . Use the checklist on booklet page 24 to help you . Write your paragraph on the lines below . Booklet Page 24 : Assessing the Section Task  אל הספר
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