Pets and People Booklet Page 5 : People Say 1 . Read the sentences about pets and work out the meaning of the highlighted word or phrase . Complete each sentence by circling the correct word or phrase . a . There is a close bond between the horse and the rider . They like each other and feel close to each other I donot feel close each other . b . When I lived alone , I had a pet parrot named Pete . He was a good companion and made me feel less lonely . A good companion is a good friend I place . c . The man developed an attachment to the cats he found in the street . He liked them very much I did not like them very much . d . Some people say that cats are independent animals . They always do what they want . Cats need people I don ' t need people . e . My friends own a beautifu l horse and they are very proud of it . The horse belongs to them I doesn ' t belong to them . f . I have a pure-bred Labrador dog . The father and the mother were both Labradors . A pure-bred dog comes from one...  אל הספר
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