Animal Care Section Task : Get Ready Writing a notice and doing a role-play In this section , you will find out how to take care of a pet . You will prepare a notice for a bulletin board and do a role-play . With Care dud R < "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals . " Mahatma Gandhi ( India ) 1 The highlighted words appear in the quote by Gandhi . Read each sentence and choose the best word or phrase to complete it . Copy the correct sentence in your notebook . ? A nation is the land / people of the country . ? If we judge a nation as great , we think well of it / we think it is a big country . ? The way a nation treats its animals means the way people behave towards / communicate with animals . 2 Complete the explanation of the quote , using words from the box below . Answer in your notebook . The quote means that the people of a country , or a _ _ , should treat animals well . When a nation . animals with care and respect , it shows that it is . Oth...  אל הספר
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