skills grammar communication I can ... 1 describe where I and others usually go on holiday , including who I go with and for how long talk about what I usually do on holiday • express my opinion about holidays use a range of verbs related to holidays in the present tense use a range of frequency expressions to say תמיד , בדרך כלל , כל שנה , לפעמים what I usually do – add variety and interest to my speaking and writing by : 1 ) using a range of verbs and adjectives 2 ) using connectives and expressions of frequency listen for main points read for specific information 2 talk about places in the world that I and others have been to talk about where I have never been , and where I would like to go and why describe my holiday last year , where I went , for how long , who with and how I travelled there ask others about their holiday last year and report back on what I found out להיות understand and use the past tense of the verb ( to be ) with correct number and gender agreement followed by ...  אל הספר
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