READING 1 A Throughout the ages , there have been many inventions ( ???????? / ??????) to help people see bigger , better , further and more easily . With a partner match each invention to its picture and say what it is used for . For example : A magnifying glass makes things look bigger . 1 . magnifying glass 2 . microscope 3 . telescope 4 . binoculars 5 . glasses 6 . contact lens B 1 You are going to read an article about various inventions that are connected to seeing . The words below are from the article . Make sure you understand what they mean . Look up the words you don’t know in your dictionary and write them in your notebook . allow direction injured rescue updated connected to download in order to seriously view create improve invention sight virtual detail include make out survive vision 2 Copy the word maps below into your notebook . Which words above relate to seeing ? Which relate to technology ? C Read the following newspaper headlines . Which are connected to : a . night vision ? b . people with sight problems ? c . travel ? 1 . HELICOPTER PILOT FINDS SERIOUSLY INJURED MAN AFTER DARK 2 . VIRTUAL TRIPS INCLUDE ALL DETAILS OF CITY AND MAPS ARE EASY TO DOWNLOAD 3 . LOST HIKERS RESCUED IN DESERT AT MIDNIGHT 4 . AMAZING NEW INVENTION ALLOWS THE BLIND TO SEE 5 . GPS INFORMATION AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED D Look at the titles and pictures in the article on pages 9 and 10 . How are the inventions connected to seeing ?


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