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A Read the article . HOW TO BE A GOOD SPORT Sports For You DO YOU WANT TO BE A GOOD SPORT ? Learning to be a good sport is a skill , like learning to ride a bike . You might not be able to do it at first , but with time it will get easier . Here are some tips to help you . 1 Play for the team , not just for yourself . For example , don’t try to be a star by keeping the ball to yourself . Pass it to other players on your team . 2 Give your very best always . Don’t let your team down . 3 Play by the rules of the game . Don’t try to win points by cheating . Sport is not about winning or losing – it’s about how you play the game . 4 Accept the decisions that the referee * makes . Don’t shout or argue with the referee , even if you disagree with the decision . 5 Be a good sportsman . Wish the other players or team good luck before a competition . When the other players do well , tell them . It’s all part of the game ! 6 When you lose a game – and it happens – tell the winning players that they played well . There’s always the next game or competition . Finally , a good sport is someone who is fun to have on any team . * referee B Answer the questions below and on page 29 about the article . 1 Complete the sentence . The writer compares learning to be a good sport to . 2 Complete the sentences . 1 . If you have the ball , you should . 2 . When you play by the rules , you do NOT .


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