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Now Read 1 Read Part 1 of the story . While you read , answer the questions in the margin . Wind by Roland Smith Part 1 Dear Dad , When I was feeling sad , you taught me to look deep inside myself to find happiness . But ever since you went off to fight in the war in Iraq , it’s hard to find a reason to be happy . Last 5 week , when I went out to get the mail , I put on your coat because it was raining hard . I began crying and couldn’t stop . I didn’t know what the matter was . Then I realized it was the smell of your aftershave on your coat . The smell made me feel like you were standing next to me . But , of course , you weren’t . 10 Love , Annie I put the letter in my diary with all the other letters I can’t send . Then I start writing another letter . I tell my dad that things are fine in Florida and I am making a lot of friends at my new school . I say that Mom is enjoying 15 her job , and that our new house is looking good and we are very happy here . I end by telling him that I miss him and that I’m proud of him . Only the last sentence is true . I have no friends at school . Mom is working around the clock and she is tired most of the time . We moved to Stuart , on the coast of Florida , at the end of the summer . Five 20 days after we moved into our new house , the Army called Dad up . He left six weeks and four days ago , and he won’t be back for a year . Mom and I are shy . You’d think that after all the places we’ve lived it would be easier for us to get to know the neighbors , but it’s not . Lucky for us , Dad’s just the opposite . He can start a conversation with anyone right away . 25 I thought things couldn’t get much worse , but they did . A hurricane was coming our way . The phone rings . I think Mom is calling from work to check on me . “ Annie ?” 1 Where did Annie put the letter she wrote ? 2 How long did Annie’s dad live in their house ? 3 How long will her dad be away ?


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