In this chapter , we will first summarize what we have learned in Friends Across the Sea . Then it will be your turn to examine what , in your opinion , should be the nature of the relations between Jews in Israel and Jews around the world . Friends Across the Sea Forum Miep , Holland : Hi everyone . Jonathan ? Hadas ? Are you there ? Sharon , United States : Hadas and Jonathan don't seem to be answering . Hadas probably took Jonathan to all kinds of places in Israel ... I bet it’s strange to see all the signs in Hebrew and to think that almost everyone around you is Jewish , even the uniformed officials at the airport who stamp passports ! When we learned about the dispersion of the Jewish people around the world , what surprised me the most was that there are nearly 6 million Jews living in such a small country ... I think that was probably the most interesting chapter .  אל הספר
קרן תל"י