In every synagogue on Rosh Hodesh , the start of the new month , the following blessing is recited : May the Almighty renew this month for us and for all the people of Israel wherever they may be , for good and for blessing , for joy and for happiness , for salvation and comfort , for a good livelihood and sustenance , for life and peace , and for good tidings . ( A part of the morning prayers recited on the Shabbat before Rosh Hodesh . ) This prayer refers to the Jewish people “ wherever they may be” . We will now learn about the life of Jews in France as an example of life in the Diaspora . Is their life good and filled with blessings as expressed in this prayer ? Is Jewish life in your country like Jewish life in France ? These are some of the questions we will deal with in this chapter . Jeremie , France : Hi everyone ! Ever since we began to chat in this  אל הספר
קרן תל"י