Thank you for joining our tour of Israel’s historical and holy places , as well as the exciting cities of our modern state . Through the centuries , there have been many other nations who , like the Jews , have been exiled , or forced to leave their homelands . But in time , each ceased being a people , for without a country they had no reason to stay together . We are the only exiled nation that remained one people , even though we had to wait almost 2 , 000 years to return to our homeland . The modern State of Israel breathed new life into the Jewish people . It restored our pride and our strength as schools , libraries , synagogues , hospitals , and museums were built , and the desert bloomed . As we look into the future , we are hopeful that peace will come to Israel and that , in partnership with Jews around the world , Israel will remain strong and fulfill its promise as the homeland of the Jewish people . Please be in touch and visit us often . Israel is our home and yours ! Be ...  אל הספר