Shalom ! My name is Yael . I’m Liat’s next-door neighbor . My father is a colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces . I am proud of him because he works to keep Israel safe and secure . But I worry that he may be hurt if there is a terrorist attack or if there is another war . I hope that such things never happen again , not here or in any other country . Come , let me tell you about the Israeli Defense Forces and Israel’s relationship with the Arab nations since the State of Israel was established . In the past there have been many wars , but we hope that some day soon there will be shalom . Ser ving in the Israeli Ar med Forces For nearly 2 , 000 years , the Jewish people had no army of its own . Then , the Haganah was created to protect the Jewish settlers of Palestine . The Haganah , or Defense , was small and poorly armed , but it was able to win the War of Independence in 1948 . Today , Israel’s army is known as Tz’va Haganah Leyisrael , the Israeli Defense Forces––Tzahal , or IDF fo...  אל הספר