I use my computer to talk to kids all around the world . I always tell them that in most ways , kids here are just like them . We like to hang out with our friends . We go to school , the movies , and the mall ; we surf the Internet and listen to music . We wonder what we’ll be when we grow up , and where we’ll live . Our parents tell us to clean our rooms and finish our homework . Sound familiar ? But our lives are also different from those of kids in other countries . We live in the place where Judaism began , and we speak Hebrew , the language of the Bible . When we go for hikes , we walk on paths where Abraham and Sarah may have walked , and our houses are built on hills where King Solomon may have ridden his horse . Come , let me tell you more about the kids of Israel . School Life The school day starts early in Israel , at 8 A . M . Elementary students go to school until about 1 P . M ., and high school students stay until about 2 P . M . Many Israeli schools have two recesses . ...  אל הספר