Shalom ! My name is Tamar . I live on Deganyah Alef , a kibbutz in northern Israel . What is a kibbutz ? It is a village where people share property and live and work together . Although only 2 percent of Israelis live on kibbutzim—that’s plural for kibbutz—they have played an important part in building our country . But I’ll tell you more about kibbutz later . Northern Israel is dotted with Jewish , Arab , and Druze villages . Many people here are farmers . At my kibbutz we have orchards , a dairy , a hen house , and an industrial diamond factory . I met Liat last year when she visited her relatives here . She’s been back several times , and we’ve become good friends . I’m happy she told me about you so that I can show you around northern Israel . Water Is Precious Israelis have a special respect for water—mayim . Why ? Because half the country is desert , maintaining an adequate water supply has always been difficult . The Hermon and the Upper Galilee , with its high mountains , gree...  אל הספר