My name is Dalia , and this is my big brother , Ilan . My parents and Ilan came from Ethiopia , but I was born here in Beersheva , right in the middle of the Negev Desert . I like living in the desert because while the days are often warm , the nights are usually cool and comfortable . I met Liat at an overnight at my friend Devorah’s house . Liat and Devorah are cousins . Now the three of us are good friends . So I was happy to help Liat out when she needed a guide for your tour of southern Israel . Come , let’s get started ! The Negev The Negev is Israel’s largest stretch of wilderness . It makes up half of the country , yet less than 10 percent of Israel’s population lives there . Negev means “ south” in Hebrew and is also related to the word “ dry . ” Although the Negev is a desert , it is not completely dry—sometimes , streams of water run through the Negev in winter . The Arava , the easternmost strip of the Negev , on the border with Jordan , is a plain that was created by a spl...  אל הספר