Salaam ! My name is Amal , which is Arabic for “ hope . ” I am an Arab Muslim . This is my friend Uri . He lives in Tel Aviv . When his cousin Liat told us that she was taking you on a tour of Israel , we volunteered to show you the cities by the sea . Tel Aviv and Haifa are Israel’s largest coastal cities . They are both beautiful . But , as nice as Tel Aviv is , I’m glad I live in Haifa . Part of Haifa is built on a mountain , Mount Carmel . To get to my house you have to drive or take the train to the very top of the mountain . From my balcony , I can watch the big ships in Haifa’s port . When Uri visits , we like to imagine what each ship is carrying and where it is sailing to . Pack your bathing suit and join us on a tour of Israel’s waterfront cities ! Tel Aviv- Jaffa Located on the Mediterranean Sea , Tel Aviv-Jaffa is busy , noisy , and packed with people , cars , and buses . There are important differences between the ancient section of the city called Jaffa , pronounced Yafo ...  אל הספר