Shalom , and welcome to Jerusalem ! I’m H . agai . Liat and I go to soccer camp together . When I heard that you wanted a tour of Jerusalem , I volunteered to be your guide ! My family has lived in Jerusalem for seven generations , and we are proud to be part of the city’s history . Most of the buildings here are built from Jerusalem stone . The stones look almost golden in daylight , but sunset gives them a beautiful pink glow . My grandfather says that each stone in Jerusalem has a story to tell . I think he means that because the stones are very old , they have seen history being made . A City Unlike Any Other There is a city in Israel unlike any other in the world . For centuries , its beauty and glory have inspired poets , musicians , and sages . While the city is thousands of years old , much of it is very new . Traffic jams sometimes occur as cars try to pass someone on a donkey that is trotting slowly along the winding streets . Shopping malls are built on top of ancient hills ...  אל הספר