Maggie Ben Zion F O U N D A T I O N L E V E L S T A G E T W O TAKE OFF ! by Maggie Ben Zion Pedagogical Editor : Anya Benjamin-Norman Production Editor : Sharon Farber Design : Helen Blaufarb Layout : Tali Oserowitz , Brenda Sender Illustrations : Elite Avni , Netanel Epstein , Doron Rosenblatt , Gil Troitsa Acknowledgements The publisher gratefully acknowledges the following for permission to use copyright material : Twenty Bucks by Darren Sardelli www . laughalotpoetry . com . Reprinted by permission of the author . ; I Can Do Anything by Caleigh Peters : Words and music by Matthew Gerrard and Bridget Benenate © 2007 Seven Peaks Music , 16 th Street Songs , Bug Music-Music of Windswept , Dashee Doo And Jetty Too , Blotter Music . All rights for Seven Peaks Music and 16 th Street Songs administered by Warner Chappell Music Ltd . All rights for Dashee Doo And Jetty Too and Blotter Music administered by Bug Music-Music of Windswept . All rights reserved . Reprinted by permission of Warn...  אל הספר