Movies in the Making Section Task : Lights , Camera ... Creating a movie trivia quiz for a film festival program This section focuses on great moments in film history , the development of film technology and what goes on behind the scenes of movies . You will create a movie trivia quiz for a film festival brochure . What do you know about the historyof movies ? Answer on ^ £ fi ( iilJ ( jJ 22 kIi |^ P 38 . Then check your answers in the answer key . X The first moving picture was made as an experiment to see if all four legs of a horse left the ground while galloping * . QftoiB or 0 Q 8 s a ? Z The first real special effect to be used in film was in 1923 . Gelatin was used to look like two walls of water for a scene where Moses parts the Red Sea . Oema or 0 E 8 SB ? 3 In the 1939 movie The Wizard ofOz , the tornado that hits Dorothy ' s house is actually a real tornado . © 9 S 10 or 0 BB S' 0 ? 4 Buster Keaton , filmmaker and star of silent film in the 1910 s and 1920 s , was the first...  אל הספר
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