In the Director's Chair Section Task : Lights , Camera ... Presenting a profile about a movie director In this section , you will read profiles of famous movie directors and learn about the responsibilities of a director in making a film . You will then choose a director and present a director profile for a film festival brochure . Calling the Shots 1 Which of these movie directors have you heard of ? What have you heard about her / him ? ? Sofia Coppola ? Alfred Hitchcock ? Steven Spielberg 2 What other movie directors do you know ? Make a class list of directors . Is there a movie director that most of the students in the class have included ? If so , what has made him or her well-known ? Discuss . The director is the most important person on the movie set and pulls all the elements of a film together . The director interprets the movie script and often puts across his or her personal view of the world or an artistic vision through the film . The director decides what the look and fe...  אל הספר
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