All in the Family Section Task : Get Ready Writing an opinion article This section examines the issues that make every family unique in its experiences and in its structure . You will find out more about family relationships and the changing roles of family members . You will then write an opinion article relating to 90 issue of family . Our relationships with family members are often the most complicated but also the most satisfying that we have . It is from our families that we learn about responsibility , love , independence and loyalty . 1 Discuss one or more of the following questions . £ What responsibilities do teenagers have within their families ? What are the responsibilities of some of the other family members ? $ How do responsibilities change as children grow up ? In what ways can a family help a child learn to be independent ? c In what ways are family members dependent on one another ? 13 What are the different ways in which family members express loyalty to the family u...  אל הספר
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