Laughter Section Task : Set-Up Preparing a slide about laughter In this section , you will read about the topic of laughter and find out about research on the subject . You will then prepare a slide about one aspect of laughter that could be included in a lecture on the topic . 1 Read the following quotations about laughter . Find the statement that best explains each quotation . a "He who laughs , lasts . " Mary Pettibone Poole % "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people . " Victor Borge c "What soap is to the body , laughter is to the soul . " Yiddish Proverb 13 "Laughter is a tranquilizer * with no side effects . " Arnold Glasow 0 "You cannot hold back a good laugh any more than you can the tide * . Both are forces of nature . " William Rotsler f "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter . " e . e . cummings ? Laughter brings people closer together . ? Laughter cannot be controlled . ? Laughter reduces stress . ? Laugher helps us deal with life . ? Laughter ma...  אל הספר
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