Just Joking Section Task : Set-up Taking part in a debate Do different people find the same things funny ? In this section , you will take part in a debate and present an opinion answering this question . What's the Punchline Everyone likes to hear a good joke . The punchline is the last line ofa joke , the line that makes the joke funny . It gives the point of the joke . 1 With a partner , read the jokes below and choose a punchline for each . Answer on Student Work Page 21 . is now growing in the middle Now , we ' re going to see a movie None . Poodles don't change light bulbs . They don ' t want to spoil their nails She ' s just gone out to lunch A homeburger Joke l One morning , a man found a penguin outside his front door . He took the penguin to the police station and the policeman told him to take it to the zoo . That evening , the policeman came out of the police station and saw the man  אל הספר
מטח : המרכז לטכנולוגיה חינוכית