World Traveler Booklet Page 6 : Travel Questionnaire The following questionnaire will help you find out what type of traveler you are and what type of trip best suits you . After you complete the questionnaire , check your "travel personality" in the answer key . 1 . The destination that interests you most is ... a . an exotic place that is totally unfamiliar to you . b . a foreign place whose culture you have read about or seen in a film . c . a place whose culture is similar to your own . 2 . When you prepare for a trip abroad , you ... ] a . don ' t plan at all . ] b . read about the country and prepare an itinerary . Q c . let a travel agent plan the trip for you . 3 . If you were to travel abroad , you would prefer to ... ] a . carry everything you need in your backpack and sleep at camping sites . ^ ] | c b . . be stay adventurous at a five-star during hotel the with day a pool , but have and health a good club meal . and hot shower at night . 4 . You are given the chance to spen...  אל הספר
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