The Silver Screen Booklet Pages 9- 10 : Roving Reporter on Movies Before Listening Read the comments people made to a reporter about their favorite movie genres . Which genre do you think each person is referring to ? a . Sam Farley "I like to relax and feel entertained . I like the simple story line - you know , boy meets girl , girl thinks boy is weird , girl changes her mind - that sort of thing . " b . Linda Briggs "I prefer films that deal with real and important issues . This is the way the world is , and I believe that this is the power of the cinema . " c . Peter Cash "I like the futuristic aspects of the plot and seeing what ideas scriptwriters come up with . These are also movies that use a lot of special effects - and , as I told you , that interests me ... First Listening 1 . Listen to the interviews between the people and the roving reporter . Which of the following movie genres are mentioned ?  אל הספר
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