Name of the Game Booklet Page 8 : More Practice 1 . Read paragraphs 4 and 5 of Tom's report again . a . Highlight the sentences according to : Opening , Body , Closing . b . Write a sentence that expresses the main idea of each paragraph in English or in your native language . 4 Outdoor games involve physical activity , such as running , jumping and climbing . Hopscotch , jump rope , and hide-and-seek are examples of outdoor games . The names and rules are different from country to country . For example , hopscotch is called " escargot" ( snail ) in France and "class" in Israel ( from Russian - "levels" ) . However , whatever the name of the game , outdoor games will always be popular with young people . Main Idea : Today , many types of games are becoming digital and are played on a computer or a video . Although some digital games are based on popular board or card games , many are designed specifically for digital technology . In the future , more and more people will be playing dig...  אל הספר
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