Booklet Page 44 : Fads of the Future First Listening The Pet Mouse Company wants to market its product . Listen to the discussion at a meeting of the marketing team . Which of the points in the marketing strategy are discussed ? Marketing Strategy H ) How to divide the advertising budget / ZJ The design of the ads O The target population Q Where to advertise _ J Spin-off products Second Listening 1 . Why does the team think that the product will succeed ? Find two reasons . O People like to collect things . Q People spend a lot of time watching TV . / ZJ People spend a lot of time using computers . / Z 7 People like new products . 2 . Which of the following sentences are true for both adults and teenagers ? O They have money to spend . HD They are the first to be interested in fads . Q They are interested in computers . \ Z \ They work with computers .  אל הספר
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