Booklet Page 10 : Messages in Fashion - Word Web 1 . Complete the dialogue using the words and phrases in the box . You may use a dictionary to help you . Lisa and Jenny are in Lisa's room after school . Lisa : I wear my denim jeans every day to school , but for the end-of-the year party , I want to dress up in a nice dress . Jenny : You must have something you can . _ . Let ' s look in your wardrobe . Lisa : These are my two party dresses . What do you think of them ? Jenny : I like them both the blue dress so I can see what it looks like on you . Yes , that dress you very well . It shows how small your waist is . Why don't you the green one now ? Lisa : Actually , I don ' t really like it . The style doesn ' t me . It makes me look too thin . I don't want to wear the blue dress to the party either . What am I going to do ? Jenny : I have an idea . Let ' s go to my house and look in my wardrobe . We can look for  אל הספר
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