Moments of Challenge Section Task : Get Set ... Describing a moment of challenge It is said that every sport has its own kind of challenge . You will read personal stories that describe moments of challenge in the world of sport . A challenge is a difficult task where a person tests his / her ability or skill . These stories will help you write your own story . What is sport ? 1 Which words do you associate with sport ? Add these to the list you have started . 2 With a partner use some of these words to make up a definition for " sport . " Z Compare your definition with the following dictionary definitions : • physical activity done for exercise and pleasure , usually in a special area and according to fixed rules a particular formof physical activity , such as team sports meeting for athletic competition amusement or fun • a kind or unselfish person , who is pleasant even in a difficult situation E > Which dictionary definition is closest to your own definition ? 3 Which of the dictio...  אל הספר
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