Cases Strange and True Section Task : Get Ready Presenting a case Case studies of people with brain dysfunction help neurologists understand which parts of the brain ^ 6 used for different functions in the body . In this section , you will read about various neurological case studies . You will then organize the important information in one case and give an oral presentation of the case . A Case of Colorblindness 1 A doctor examined a person who is colorblind . Look at the pictures and explain how a colorblind person sees colors differently from someone who is not colorblind . 2 Look at how the doctor organized some of the information about the case in the medical report she wrote . 0 What problems might a colorblind person have in performing everyday activities ? & What strategies might a colorblind person use to cope with these problems ? Medical Case Report Introduction Most people distinguish between dlff eren t colors , People , who . cannot do so usually suff erf ro m ^ m ^^  אל הספר
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