Amazing Brain Section Task : Get Ready Writing a news brief In this section , you will read about the brain and write a news brief based on a longer news article . 1 Group the words and expressions in the Brain Glossary according to the categories below . Brain Glossary ability n . the mental or physical power , skill or talent to do something . access ( information ) v . to select or get information that is stored . anatomy n . the scientific study of the structure of the human body . brain scan // . a picture of the brain and its activity ( see PET scan and fMRI ) . cognition /; . the process of knowing and understanding or sensing . dysfunction n . the state of something not working properly . fMRI /; . functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging , a brain scan that uses magnetic technology to record brain activity . function n . the purpose or use of something ; v . to work or operate . hemisphere // . literally "half a sphere , " a halfof the brain . impair v . to cause significant dama...  אל הספר
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