PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 60 points ) Read the article below and then answer questions 1-8 . A SEA OF WASTE In 1997 , Captain Charles Moore was sailing across the Pacific Ocean when he saw a sight that he will never forget . Instead of sailing through a clear blue sea , he found himself navigating through an endless “ soup” of plastic trash . Moore had discovered what is known today as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an area estimated to be larger than the State of Texas filled with plastic debris . His discovery triggered a huge response in the media . People from all over the world expressed their dismay and pledged to limit their use of plastic . However , despite the promises and the awareness-raising campaigns that followed , the situation hasn’t improved . “ Actually , it is far worse than before , ” says Dr . Kate Garrett from the Los Angeles Institute of Marine Biology . She is referring to a recent study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation which concl...  אל הספר