A a a bit a piece of cake a real bargain a sweet tooth accept accident according to account ( n ) add ads adult adventure advertiser advice afford afford to afraid after all agriculture aim air alive all the time allow alone aloud amazing among angrily angry another appear area army around at a time at last at the end of the day at the same time attacking ( n ) attention avoid ( v ) aware of awful B b back and forth bank account base basic be back be bullied be finished beach beans beat ( v ) bed and breakfast behavior behind belong to bench ( n ) besides bill ( n ) birthday blame ( v ) boarding school bored bother ( v ) bottom bowl brand name brave breakfast breathe ( v ) bright bully ( n , v ) bullying by the time C c call up calm Can I have your name and address , please ? Can I help you ? Can you believe it ? can careful carelessly catch ( an illness ) catch someone’s attention cause ( n , v ) century certainly champion chance ( n ) change your mind character charming check ( v ) c...  אל הספר