Online Review MOVIE REVIEW Animated movies aren’t only for children . A good animated movie can be enjoyed by both adults and children . Frozen is a good example of this . Children enjoy it because it’s fun , adults because it has a good story . Frozen tells the story of sisters Elsa and Anna , two princesses who live in the kingdom of Arendale . Elsa has superpowers . She can create ice and snow . Anna is generous and has a lot of courage . As a young child , Elsa uses her powers to entertain her sister . One day Elsa hurts Anna by accident . Although Anna is OK , Elsa and her parents are worried . They realize that Elsa’s powers can be dangerous . As the sisters grow older , we see how dangerous Elsa’s powers can be . After the death of her parents , Elsa becomes queen of Arendale . On that day , the sisters fight and Elsa accidentally covers the kingdom in ice and snow . Elsa runs away because she is worried about the problems her powers can cause . At this point in the movie , Anna...  אל הספר