The elements can be divided into two groups : metals and non-metals . Metals are the largest group of elements . The non-metals include just a few elements that are different from metals in their appearance and in other properties . The following experiment will investigate the properties of several elements and we will learn which properties distinguish the metals from the non-metals . Activity Experimentation Metals and non-metals Purpose of the Experiment : learning the properties of metals and non-metals . Protective gear : safety goggles . Equipment : various elements such as iron , copper , aluminum , sulfur , oxygen and iodine , and an electrical conductivity measuring instrument that includes batteries , a battery case , probes , a light bulb and a bulb holder . The experiment : A . Look at the various elements and try to distinguish the metals from the non-metals . Explain . B . Guess : which of the elements conducts electricity ? Explain .  אל הספר
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