What is the atomic structure ? Its Greek name hints to the fact that it cannot be divided (“ a-tomos” in Greek means “ indivisible” ) . But is it really indivisible ? To describe the structure of the atom , scientists use a scientific model . A scientific model is a tangible model or image , through which we can describe a complex natural phenomenon and explain it . The Greek philosopher Democritus proposed a scientific model according to which the atom resembles a ball , and he claimed that it was impossible to divide it . This model was accepted also by scientists in the 16 century , about 2 , 000 years later . Over the years , science , technology and scientific thinking have continued to develop . Scientists have carried out experiments and the results have shown what can be learned about the atomic structure . They used the new knowledge they had gained to propose updated scientific models of the atomic structure . What is the modern scientific model of the atomic structure ? Acco...  אל הספר
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