PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 70 points ) Read the article and answer questions 1-7 . FAIR EXCHANGE Bartering is back ! From San Francisco to Tel Aviv , and on the Internet , people who need things for themselves or their business offer their services instead of money . For example , Joe is an electrician . He has a problem with the cupboards in his home . So in exchange for installing a number of electricity fuses in George’s workshop , George the carpenter will fix Joe’s cupboards . Another example of bartering is when a student baby-sits for a neighbor in return for a few private lessons . Bartering is not new . Before people used money , they exchanged goods . People would come to the market with their goods . Instead of selling them for money , they exchanged them for other goods . For example , people would trade fruit from their trees for a chicken , or cloth for milk and eggs . However , there can be problems with bartering – the goods you get in exchange ...  אל הספר