PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 70 points ) Read the article and answer questions 1-7 . MRS . NOISy Neighbors who have noisy parties , play loud music or argue loudly can be very annoying . Miyoko Kawahara , a 59-year-old woman from Japan , is perhaps the noisiest neighbor that anyone has ever complained about . For two-and-a-half years , Kawahara screamed at people passing by , called 5 them names and played loud music as she stood by her window . Her neighbors complained that she was hurting their ears and destroying their health . At least one of them had to get medical treatment for headaches and for sleeping problems . Soon all the people in her neighborhood were calling her Mrs . Noisy . The neighbors complained to the police and Mrs . Noisy had to go to court . The 10 court sentenced Mrs . Noisy to a year in prison . She told the judge that she was not sorry for her behavior and did not plan to stop . Now , her year in prison is almost over . Her neighbors ar...  אל הספר