Have you ever scribbled on the dirty window of a car ? Or maybe you drew a funny face instead . One man , Scott Wade , from Texas , U . S . A ., uses the back window of dirty cars to create amazing drawings . For over 20 years , Scott lived at the end of a long dirt road . The family’s car was always dirty from driving up and down the road . Scott would often doodle * on the car’s dirty , dusty back window . Most of the time he would draw funny faces with his fingers . Then he started experimenting with the dust creating different shades of gray . He was so pleased with the result that he started using paintbrushes and other tools too . Eventually he developed the technique he uses today – working with different brushes , popsicle sticks and his fingers . Recently his hobby became his career , and he now scribbles at a variety of events , from weddings to car shows . Today , Scott doesn’t always wait for cars to get dirty . He actually makes them dirty himself . First he rubs oil onto ...  אל הספר