Imagine you’re a Hollywood film producer and you need some crocodiles to appear in your next movie . What do you do ? The best idea is give Adam Britton a call . Adam has spent many years studying and working with these extraordinary reptiles . He runs a company which trains and films crocodiles in northern Australia . Adam first became interested in crocodiles when he was a boy , but growing up in Britain , his only chance to see them was at the zoo . When he was finally able to move to Australia and get close to crocodiles in the wild , he couldn’t believe his luck . A lot of people are surprised to learn that wild animals like crocodiles can be trained to do different things . But , according to Adam , training crocodiles is exactly the same as training other animals . The trainer tells a crocodile to do something and then rewards * it with food . The next time the trainer asks the crocodile to do the same thing , it thinks it is going to be fed . In this way the behavior is reinfor...  אל הספר