In the movies , superheroes protect the public from evil . But did you know that there are some people who actually think they themselves are real-life superheroes ? Believe it or not , these people wear masks and capes * , use strange names and fight real crime . They think they have superpowers even though they are just ordinary people . Here are some of their stories . Chris Guardian ( not his real name ) says that he has always wanted to make the world a better place . He thinks that he is a superhero , so he patrols * the streets of New York City . One night he had the chance to be a hero . He caught a man robbing a store and held him until customers called the police . Citizen Prime has patroled the streets of Phoenix , Arizona , for over a year . In real life , Citizen Prime is a 40-year-old married man . At night , he walks up and down the streets once or twice a week wearing a black , blue and yellow costume . He wants people to feel safe when they go out at night . He says th...  אל הספר