Dreamworld SLEEP FACTS There are five different stages of sleep : Stage 1 is very light sleep . In this stage , you can wake up very quickly . Stage 2 is also light sleep . In this stage , your brain starts to relax . Stage 3 is the beginning of deep sleep . 5 Stage 4 is very deep sleep . It’s usually hard to wake up in this stage . Stage 5 is when you dream . This stage happens about 90 minutes after you go to sleep . DREAM FACTS Everyone dreams . Some people don’t remember their dreams . Many people think dreams are good or bad messages . Other people say that you 10 dream about things you remember from the day . Dreams are usually 5-20 minutes long . You can dream about faces you have seen even if you don’t remember them . Most people dream in color . 12 percent of people dream only in black 15 and white . Five minutes after most people wake up , they forget 50 percent of their dreams . After 10 minutes people can forget 90 percent of their dreams . ASK THE EXPERT Sally : I had a ve...  אל הספר