Oh no ! You broke a mirror . Do you think you are going to have seven years of bad luck ? Read about some superstitions and where they come from . BLACK CATS The Superstition If a black cat walks in front of you , it 5 means you will have bad luck . This superstition started hundreds of years ago . People believed that witches could change into black cats . The Truth The color of a cat can’t bring bad luck . In fact , some scientists think that black cats are lucky ! The gene that gives a cat black fur also helps 10 it to stay healthy . UMBRELLAS The Superstition It is bad luck to open an umbrella inside a house . Thousands of years ago kings and queens used umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun . They believed that opening an umbrella inside the 15 house , where there is no sun , made the sun god very angry . The Truth Opening an umbrella in the house can break something or hurt someone . It doesn’t bring bad luck . But using an umbrella outside on a sunny  אל הספר