Many of us know the book , The Giving Tree , which was translated into Hebrew and 30 other languages . But what do we know about the writer , Shel Silverstein ? Shel Silverstein was born in Chicago in 1930 . When he was young he spent most of his time drawing and playing baseball . He wanted to be a professional baseball player , but he wasn’t good enough . After high school Shel studied art and English at university . He also wrote stories and drew pictures for the student newspaper . In 1953 Shel had to leave university to go to the American army . In the army he worked as a reporter and cartoon artist . When Shel finished the army , he needed a job . He sold hot dogs and drew cartoons . Then a friend got him a job as a magazine reporter and Shel traveled around the world to report stories . But he had a car accident and broke his leg , so he stopped traveling . Shel spent his time drawing cartoons and writing music . A friend told him that he should write children’s stories and soon...  אל הספר