Do you play “ Angry Birds” ? Over 12 million people do ! It’s one of the biggest fads today . What is a fad ? It’s something that is very popular for a short time . Here are some fads from the past . Do you know any of them ? In the 1980 s there was Rubik’s Cube . Rubik’s Cube is like a puzzle . You have to put the colors together as fast as you can . The fastest time is 5 . 66 seconds . Erno Rubik invented the toy in Hungary in 1974 . More than 300 million Rubik’s Cubes were sold around the world . In the 1990 s the fad was the Tamagotchi . The Tamagotchi is an electronic pet . It was created in Japan in 1996 . Tamagotchi pets lived in small plastic “ eggs” . Their owners needed to take care of them . They had three buttons – one to feed them , one to give them water and one to play with them . If the owners didn’t look after their pet , it died ! In 2005 Webkinz became popular . Webkinz are soft , fluffy toy animals that are made in Canada . Each Webkinz toy has a secret code . This ...  אל הספר