July 3 Hi Mom and Dad ! How are you ? I’m having a great time on my trip to India . There are so many interesting places to visit . Last week I was in Delhi , the capital city of India . One evening I went with my friends to the Festival of Lights . The people decorate the streets with flowers . They dance in the streets . There was a fireworks show late at night . It was a lot of fun ! Right now I am staying near a beautiful Indian temple in Kerala , India . This temple is more than 500 years old . I heard the most amazing thing on the news . They found a treasure in the temple . Can you imagine ? A real treasure – just like in the movies ! It is worth more than 20 billion dollars ! There are thousands of gold coins and objects . There are also diamonds and other expensive stones . The news reporter explained where the treasure came from . For over 500 years , people came to pray to the Indian god Vishnu and brought him gifts . Next week I am going to visit the Taj Mahal . It is one o...  אל הספר