Tim writes for the school magazine . He spoke to Maya , a doodle expert . Read the interview . Tim : Maya , what are doodles ? Maya : Doodles are the drawings that people make when they are talking on the telephone or when they are bored . They don’t think about what they are drawing . Doodles can tell us a lot about how a person feels . Tim : What do you mean ? Maya : Doodling is like writing . People study handwriting and can tell about a person by the way he or she writes or draws . That is what I do . Tim : My sister always draws hearts . What does that mean ? Maya : Hearts are about love . She may be in love with someone special or she is looking for love . If a person draws hearts , it shows that he or she is happy . Tim : What about arrows ? In class I always draw arrows , but when I talk on the phone I draw clouds .  אל הספר