Do you understand what your dog is “ saying” to you ? Dogs can’t talk , but they can tell you what they are feeling . Just watch their bodies – their ears , eyes and tails are talking to you . Here are some tips to help you : 1 Dogs put their heads down , their ears back and their tails between their legs when they do something wrong . They usually look at you with sad eyes , so you know they feel guilty . They know that you aren’t happy with them ! 2 Dogs wag their tails when they are happy . They may jump up and try to lick you – that is the way they kiss you . When dogs are happy , they often want to play . They put their tails up and their heads down . Sometimes dogs will bring a toy and wait for you to throw it . 3 When dogs are scared , they don’t move . Their tails are usually down . Sometimes they lick their noses . Dogs usually look at the thing that is making them scared . 4 Angry dogs show their teeth . The hair on their backs stands up . They often bark or growl loudly . Do...  אל הספר