SHIRA’S BLOG I’m back home in Israel My trip to Los Angeles was amazing ! Look at my photos You can see some of the things I did Write comments please This is the most famous sign in the world It’s huge It’s about 137 meters long Each letter is almost 14 meters high ! It was put up in 1923 This is the Walk of Fame You can walk on more than 2 , 400 stars Each star has the name of a famous person or character from a TV show or a movie In 1978 Mickey Mouse got a star He was the first animated character to get one Today Bugs Bunny , the Simpsons , Donald Duck and lots of other characters have stars Disneyland Park is so much fun ! We went on exciting rides like Space Mountain We also saw a colorful parade with all of my favorite Disney characters from movies like The Lion King and Aladdin I didn’t want the day to end  אל הספר