Children and adults all over the world enjoy making and eating desserts . Many countries also celebrate their favorite Dessert Days . Two popular desserts are cream puffs and cookies . Where do these desserts come from ? Cream Puffs 2 Cream puffs are small cakes that have cream inside and sugar or chocolate on top . The first cream puffs were made for Queen Catherine de Medici in 1540 . She was Italian and she loved cream puffs . When she married Henry II , King of France , she brought the recipe from Italy with her . Cream puffs became popular all over the world . In 1851 American restaurants began to serve cream puffs . Now they are such a popular dessert that January 2 is Cream Puff Day in the U . S . A . People bake their own cream puffs to celebrate the special day .  אל הספר