COOL SPORTS ! HOME PAGE FORUM NEWS CALENDAR Swimkid I live in Tel Aviv and want to learn a water sport I’m strong and I’m a good swimmer Which sport is best for me ? Surfer Girl What about surfing ? There are lots of surfing schools in Tel Aviv and Herzliya I took surfing lessons last summer The lessons were five hours a day for a week It was great I got a special certificate at the end Mr . Sport I have a sports shop You can rent a surfboard for 50 shekels an hour Tomtom It’s my dad’s 40 th birthday next month He loves sports I want to give him a special surprise Any ideas ? I live in Netanya Paraman What about paragliding ? You fly over the beach and the view is amazing ! It’s a safe sport , but you can’t paraglide when it’s too windy You can have a lesson for an hour Look online for details Coolkid Does anyone kite surf ? I always see kite surfers on the beach and I want to try it Is it difficult ? Paraman Kite surfing is popular ! When there is a lot of wind , you can surf very qui...  אל הספר